ARTHUR LEE - Head Coach

Hey everyone! This will be my second season coaching with the Super Sharks. I have been swimming with the club for over 10 years and have made everlasting memories and friendships. Throughout the many years of swimming I have learned that dedication and determination is a key part in becoming a phenomenal swimmer. My goal is to teach and improve the techniques of each swimmer, while also having fun.



NATHAN TAM - Assistant Coach

Greetings to all! This will be my first year coaching with the Super Sharks and my 14th year of competitive swimming. From all my years of being with the club, there is no doubt in my mind that this season will have a fabulous group of swimmers, and I look forward to advancing their skill set with my own knowledge. It all started with swim lessons, progressing to the super sharks, and eventually breaking a provincial record. Through working with numerous coaches, I strongly feel that with enough commitment any swimmer can be successful. Say hi if you see me at the pool, I'll see you soon!




JAINA JOSE - Assistant Coach

Hi everyone! This will be my first year coaching with the Super Sharks and I’m very excited for this season! I have been swimming competitively for 8 years, with this year being my 2nd year with the team. I moved to Vancouver almost 2 years ago and joined the team shortly after moving. I’ve already made great memories and met amazing people within the team. I’ve worked with many coaches in the past and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from swimming is that hard work won’t come out unnoticed or unrewarded. Keep your head up even when things are tough. In the end, with enough dedication and perseverance, you’ll reach your goal. I’m looking forward to passing my knowledge onto each swimmer and helping them towards their goals, along with having fun! Hope to see you at the pool!



KINGSLEY MAH - Assistant Coach

Hey everyone! I am coach Kingsley and I have been swimming competitively with the Super Sharks for over a decade and I am prepared to pass on all that I've learned to other swimmers. I, along with the other coaches have had the privilege of competing at the provincial level multiple times, as well as obtaining numerous medals along the way. I also have been previously trained as a lifeguard. This helps me to ensure that all the swimmers are in a safe environment as the safety of the swimmers is my number one priority. I have been able to volunteer coach for 2 years as well as coach full time for an additional year. I am currently studying in a post-secondary institution so I also do my best to help my swimmers in their academics when needed. My method of coaching is to prioritize a swimmer's form and technique over physical strength. This allows the swimmer to have a good foundation from which they can develop and add power. Overall I love coaching with the Super Sharks and I can't wait to get the season started.


*** Feel free to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to any of the coaches above. ***