Summer Program:

Our summer program runs from May to August. There are 5-8 practices offered a week out of Templeton and New Brighton Pools with competitions on weekends at other local pools. Competitions are a chance to race against other swimmers your age, ability and meet new friends! Swimmers in the competitive group are required to attend four meets including the Regional Meet during the summer season. Parent participation at swim meets is required as meets are solely run by parent volunteers from every club. Summer registration fees and fundraising covers the costs of swim meets.

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Winter Program:

The winter maintenance program runs from September to April. Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a total of 2 hours a week of swimming during this season (practice times are group specific). The focus of the winter program is to develop and improve the skills of the swimmers for the upcoming summer season. An "in-house" competition is run near the end of the winter program to introduce new swimmers to the competition setting and get the team ready for the summer season.

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Fundraising & Swim Meets:

Fundraising is a part of being a Super Shark and if a family wishes not to participate, the club has other options that can be explored. Please feel free to discuss this with a member of our executive.
All Swimmers are required to purchase a Super Sharks t-shirt. We will provide a team cap for each swimmer upon registration for the summer season. If your child has been registered for a swim meet and for some reason does not attend, the parent will be required to reimburse the club for meet fees paid for your child. If your child falls sick prior to a swim meet, please contact the coach and the fee may be waived.

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Thank you for showing interest in the Super Sharks Swim Club. We hope that you like what you see, so sign up and join the fun!

If you have any other questions regarding our swim club or if you want to attend a tryout with the Super Sharks Swim Club, please contact Angel Lee by email @ or by phone at 604-626-3868.